Stylishly galvanize your personal energy field with Activated Fractal Art. Our Tactical Fractals Bio-Capacitor Pendant contain gold plated neodymium magnets and negative ions. Negative ions are known for creating “positive vibes.” They all have the same energetic healing effects.The only difference within the pentant are the fractal artwork unique style, so pick according to your hearts highest desire on the design you resonate the most.
How it works ~ BenefitsThe pendant contain two technologies: neodymium magnets therapy and negative ions. The  pendant is design to increase focus, energy, grounding & amp balance. It can strengthens the human energy Field, improve micro-circulation of body, and minimizes effects of harmful EMF.
Warning - “Not to be worn with pacemaker,” it contains powerful neodymium magnet

Tactical Pendant

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  • A Dielectric Bio-Capacitor Pendant, Copper Etched Fractal Geometry Art, Infused with FarInfrared Negative-Ionic Anion Emitting Nano Crystals, Shungite, Tourmaline, Kunzite, Iolite-Quartz, Neodymium Magnet, Titanium, Palladium and Scalar imprinted with PHI-Ratio Schumann Harmonics (Earth’s Heart Frequencies). Environmental safety Non-Toxic Silicon.

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