Frequently asked questions

Do Earth Encoded pendants require energetic cleansing or charging?

No they do not require energetic cleansing or charging, because they are “Solid-State Field Generators" and emit a strong antibacterial ion field which keeps residual energy from accumulating. Although, the surface of each pendant is susceptible to dust and skin oils, just rinse with cool water and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

How long does shipping take?

We use Priority Mail through USPS. Shipping can take anywhere from 5-7 business days after your order has been received and processed. We will confirm once your order has been received and send a tracking number once your order has been shipped to you.

What is Scalar Imprinting?

Scalar imprinting is a process through which embed “PHI Ratio Schumann frequencies”, by pulsing the resins with Quantum Coils in a Faraday Cage while they are in a curing state. This is done to subtly enhance the energetic quality of all Earth Encoded Ionic Jewelry.

Do Earth Encoded pendants block EMF?

No not directly as in Faraday Shielding, though they do indirectly negate and minimize the effects of harmful EMF on the human body by Ionically boosting the bodies electrical field and immune system. The pendants help replenish a percentage of electrons that voltage spikes from environmental EMF, steal from the electrical field that surrounds the body.

What type of cord do i put on the Pendents?

Each Pendent comes with a “surf style 23 inch vegan cork cord” with high quality stainless steel clasp. Although you may put it on any cord choose, we recommend not using a metal chain for energetic purposes.

How long will my Earth Encoded Pendant stay Ionized / charged?

From the time of manufacturing each pendant will carry its peak ionic charge for roughly 4-5 years. “Note: Because of limited production our inventory is on the move and stays fresh”

How do I know which of the Tactical Fractals to pick?

All Tactical Fractals Bio-Capacitor Pendants and Necklaces contain gold plated neodymium magnets and have the same energetic healing effects, the only difference is fractal artwork that stylizes them. So pick according to your hearts highest desire and what you’ll where the most.

Are there any side effects to wearing Earth Encoded Jewelry?

The possible side effects of wearing Earth Encoded Jewelry may include: Increased Energy, Higher Vibrational States and Subtly Enhanced Intuition. Although wearing the Tactical Fractals some people feel the healing effects of the Ion-Magnetic Therapy clearing their meridians and energy channels.

What is the Activated Ionic Mask for?

The Meditation Mask was design to aid relaxation, while simultaneously stimulating the activation of the Minds Eye. “Some people with insomnia have reported significant sleep benefits.”

What is EMF?

EMF is the electromagnetic fields/frequencies produced by various natural and unnatural(manmade) sources within the physical environment. Natural EMF such as the Earths Schumann Resonance(heartbeat), the sounds of the ocean, or the biological frequencies of the human body are all examples of constructive EMF that support wellbeing. Although increasingly harmful levels of EMF from computers, laptops, towers, cell phones, tablets, WiFi networks, smart gadgets, and other electronic devices can have detrimental effects on the human bodies health. These manmade devices radiate that Harmful EMF's (those different from our body's EMF's) can change the naturally occurring frequencies in our body to unhealthy frequencies causing unhealthy tissue and disease.

What is the difference of Negative Ions vs Positive Ions?

"Negative Ions” contribute to the body synthesis and storage of vitamins as well as strengthen and activate the body's physiological and psychological activities. This is why you feel recharged at the beach, in the woods, up on the mountains as mother nature abundantly provides this negative-ionic field. While “Positive Ions” contribute to the toxic and pollution the body accumulate from the environment. Positive ions or the lack of negative ions may cause serotonin hyper-function syndrome or "irritation syndrome" involves sleeplessness, irritability, tension, migraine, nausea, heart palpitations, hot flashes with sweating or chills, tremor and dizziness. The elderly become depressed, apathetic and extremely fatigued.

Can I sleep with the pendant?

Sleeping with the pendant depends each the individuals unique response to its energy. The pendant is ionically active and can keep some people awake while having the opposite effect on others. Although sleeping with it on may be helpful for individuals who sleep near destructive EMF sources.

What is bio-magnetic therapy?

The healing effect of magnets on the physical body have been known for thousands of years. Using the correct polarity of a magnet on the body can help increase micro-circulation, as well as relieve pain and inflammation. In general magnets offer an all-natural form of wellness enhancement, that is often used frequently with ion therapy to increase a range of health benefits.