Earth Encoded

Every Earth Encoded product is a finely crafted energy tool, custom designed to activate healing potentials.  Our orgonite inlays are made with all natural non toxic plant based resin fused with high energy Orgone accumulating elemental content.  The resin acts as a applied mechanical force compressing the internal mineral/quartz content to create a subtle piezoelectric charge which is then amplified by the infused Far-Infrared Nano-Crystals.  Each piece of jewelry is Scalar Imprinted in a Faraday Cage in order to embed Earth Encoded Products, with Earth Frequencies(Phase Conjugate PHI-Ratio Schumann Resonances).

Benefits of the Jewelry

  • Strengthens the Bio-Field,

  • Improves Micro-circulation of Body,

  • Increases Focus, Energy & Balance,

  • Minimized effect of harmful EMF

  • Increases energy, awareness and vitality

  • Enhances your mental, emotional and     spiritual well-being

  • Natural Earth's grounding Frequency

  • Solid-State Energy Device Embedded with Resonant Frequencies


What are Negative Ions (Anion)?

Negative Ions(Anion) have been identified as effective means to kill bacteria and purify the air. Anion bind to bacteria and produce changes in the energy transfer process of its cell structure leading to bacterial death.


Research shows that the negatively charged particles in the air improve human immunity by being conductive to promoting the metabolism.  Negative ions contribute to the body synthesis and storage of vitamins as well as strengthen and activate the body's physiological and psychological activities. In general, people need about 13 billion negative ions per day to maintain a healthy energy field.  Bedrooms, offices, entertainment and other environments, can only provide roughly one hundred million or so.


This is why you feel recharged at the beach or in the woods as mother nature abundantly provides this negative-ionic field. Earth Encoded jewelry is a simple way to stylishly replenish the Ionic field of the physical body while strengthening its connection to the healing energy of the Earth.

All Earth Encoded products are infused with Far-Infrared Negative Ionic(Anion) Material.  The backside of each pendent is covered with nano-mineral crystals that emit a wavelength of far-infrared radiation(2-18μm), which has beneficial effects on human health.

Hand Made Limited Production

The availability of specific combinations of mineral content in particular designs as well as the availability of pendents may fluctuate according to our limited production capacity.  No two pieces are exactly identical as each are hand crafted pieces of vibrational art. 


We strive to provide quality craftsmanship at an affordable price, though the creation process for each piece we make is time consuming and delicate.




I just did my morning Qigong practice with the bracelet off. After my practice, I put the bracelet back on and It feels like all the cultivate Qi is flowing more efficiently through my Body . There is a noticeable change in my energy field. I love it.


I haven't taken off the Metatron Cube  pendant since the second day of the show. I feel blessed every day by its presence in my life and around my neck,


The energy of my Merkabah pendant feels really activated today. The process of releasing emotional pain calls for protection from the Higher realms, so that  I can go through the healing process safely.

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